Round Out Your Collection With Some Clearance Jewelry

Retailers rarely have much trouble moving pieces of fine jewelry. After all, there is a limited supply of precious stones and metals to go around, which is why jewelry rarely goes on sale. Retailers might offer five percent off to increase monthly sales volumes around the holidays or before Valentine’s Day, but it is rarely discounted more than that. The one exception is the jewelry clearance sale.

Clearance sales are generally offered by large retailers who have been unable to sell their stocks of particular pieces, because they need to make room for new items they often sell these pieces at significant discounts. It is not at all uncommon to get as much as fifty percent off at a clearance sale.

What to look for?

You aren’t going to find diamonds or other precious stones at a clearance sale. These stones are rare and valuable, which means that they almost never go on sale. But what you may find are a couple of nice pieces of everyday jewelry.

Every woman separates her jewelry collection into two groups: jewelry that is worn on special occasions and jewelry that is worn every day. For example, a diamond necklace or a pair of diamond stud earrings would almost certainly fall into the special occasion group, while a nice pair of gold earrings or a silver necklace could be wore at the office or to a casual get together. These are the items a bargain savvy woman might find at a clearance sale.

Where to look?

Stores seldom put much money into promoting jewelry clearance sales. The reason for this is simple, they don’t have to. When jewelry goes on sale people come out of the woodwork to buy it. Getting twenty to fifty percent off on precious metals or stones is enough of an incentive for people to search out these deals on their own, which means the stores don’t have to do as much advertising.

Some of the larger retail stores have regular clearance sales that include jewelry. They might have them at the end of every month, season, or at the end of the year. People typically line up for these sales, even if they are unadvertised. The downside is that shoppers seldom know what, particularly, is on sale. Since the store rarely puts out a flyer, they must simply visit the store on the morning of the sale and hope they find something that strikes their fancy.

Online retailers are famous for their jewelry sales. Since their single biggest expense is storing items in inventory, they frequently have clearance sales. A simple Google search will likely return thousands of listings for companies that have regular clearance sales. How do you know which sale is the best?

In short, you don’t. We recommend starting with the largest, most reputable retailer and working your way down the list. Peruse customer reviews to see what they have to say about the company and the products they sell. The retailer that provides the most information alongside unbiased reviews is the one you should consider doing business with.

No Returns

Before you buy anything, a general rule of clearance sales is that the merchandise cannot be returned. Retailers want to get rid of these items, so they offer them as discount prices with the understanding that all sales are final. It goes almost without saying that you should shop wisely. Most stores will not accept a return under any circumstance. Even if the item is broken or missing a piece, they may not offer a refund on it.

Everyday Jewelry

Huge retailers, online sellers, auction sites, and small boutiques all have clearance sales that include jewelry. It is your job to find them. When advertisements are available, stores always promote the most sought after items. Perhaps they have a pearl necklace that is being offered at twenty percent off or a jade pendant for half price. More often than not, the stores will have a short supply of these items. So, if you do get a sneak peak at a circular and you know what is up for sale, we suggest you look for pieces you might wear every day.

Jewelry that complements your wardrobe is easy to find at clearances sales in large quantities. You should have no problem getting your hands on a nice silver or gold necklace for twenty to fifty percent off. Those discounts are a big deal to most working women.

Did you know that the average woman spends $1500 a year on jewelry for herself? Clearance sales give her the option of cutting that bill in half, since most of the jewelry women buy casual, everyday jewelry.