Starting Your Own House Clearance Business

Many of those who lose their jobs during a recession will find it tough to find another job and may start to think about investing in their own business with whatever redundancy pay they may have received. This can be a golden opportunity to become your own boss, but it takes hard work, determination and perseverance to make a new business successful and it rarely happens overnight.

It is always tempting when thinking about starting a business to do something you have always loved doing – make your hobby your job. But, sadly, in the majority of these cases the businesses just don’t succeed. This is mainly because they have been embarked upon with a personal bias and not from a purely business perspective. Whatever decision you might make about going it alone, that decision must always be a business one first and foremost.

The best approach to starting your own business is to research all those services or products that are required in both good and bad economic times.

A house clearance business is one such service that will always be in demand. More and more people are looking for this service sometimes simply to get their houses ready for sale. Or they might have moved and settled permanently abroad and now wish someone to clear out the house in readiness for selling it. Establishing a good business relationship with local estate agents can lead to regular business referrals.

But house clearance is most particularly required after a death in the family. The bereaved often do not want to clear the house at such an emotional time, and the act of disposing of a loved one’s belongings can be overwhelming. Relatives can struggle to sort out the belongings of the deceased whilst coping with their grief and the ongoing demands of work and family life. Or there may simply be no emotional ties and the deceased is a distant relative in another part of the country.

Whatever the reason, there is a booming business clearing out other people’s unwanted belongings.

Whilst local auctioneers do sometimes offer house clearance services, they are really looking for valuable items to sell in their auctions and are not usually interested in the junk. So if you are embarking on this type of business then you need to be prepared to clear everything and often to deal with people at a difficult time in their lives.

Many items that are unwanted by one individual can still be recycled or donated to charity so be sure to consider these options where possible.

To distinguish your business from the rogue element that operate bogus house clearance services it is worth joining the UK House Clearance Association.

Every member of the association makes some key commitments, which are simply good business practice:

· To provide a clear description, price and timetable for the house clearance to be carried out.

· To guarantee full liability insurance.

· To hold a current waste carrier’s license issued by the Environment Agency.

· To be courteous, competent, and committed to providing a high standard of service.

· To deal promptly and sympathetically with anything that may go wrong.

If you think this might be the business for you then it is a relatively easy business to start up with little capital outlay (so you might actually be able to save some of that redundancy cash). There are just some simple steps to take towards being your own boss:

Obtain liability insurance

When you are entering someone’s house and likely to be moving large and heavy objects, you must have the appropriate insurance against damaging either the fabric of the building or persons within it.

Obtain a waste carrier’s license from the Environment Agency

Dumping waste at municipal sites on a commercial basis requires a license. These are inexpensive and last for 3 years so apply for one well in advance of clearing that first house.

Decide which vehicle you need

If you don’t already own a van, you will definitely need one, but while you are still testing out your business idea, why not hire a van instead of buying one. That way you can decide which type of van is most suitable in your local area.

Advertise in the local press and online

The advantage of a small business like house clearance is that you can avoid expensive advertising costs by advertising your services in local publications and at local venues.

House Clearance is just one small business idea that is a service required whatever the economic climate and it is simple and inexpensive to start up. But there are many other such businesses that could mean the start of a new life as your own boss.

Great Tips That Work During Toys Clearance Sales

Toys bring mixed emotions for parents. While they bring wonderful thoughts and great amounts of joy for the little ones, which make parents happy as well, they create much frustration for parents as well. In addition to the kids’ tendency to ignore others including their parents when they are at play, toys are getting more and more expensive these days. Parents can only say thanks to toys clearance sales.

It is natural for parents to wish that their kids enjoy their childhood as much as possible. While most toys and games are generally developed to further enhance little ones’ skills and understanding of the real life, they are also made to make every child have fun.

A totally outstanding fact of the modern times is how games and toys come in a large variation. It can be overwhelming at times. Kids are surely delighted by this fact, but it can be frustrating for parents with their desire to provide for what their offspring wishes to have.

The best thing about toys comes in the form of toys clearance sales. Patience is a virtue that brings about huge paybacks. Since old stocks ending up unsold and sitting on the shelves are not good for business, clearance sales are the best way to get rid of them.

To help around when shopping in clearance sales for toys, here are some helpful tips to bear in mind.

1. Check out the different toys the kids have. Kids love variety. They get easily bored if things are the same over and over again. Although they might have certain preferences and some favorites among their toys, it is definitely going to be a bore for them if the have to play with the similar toys all the time.

2. Know about the original price of the toys. Sales are there to help consumers save on their expenses. There are merchandisers who put up sale signs but actually sell the goods at their original price. To avoid getting ripped off with such tactics, one can take note of the toys’ original prices before shopping for ones that are on sale.

3. Visit all kinds of stores. Both large retailers such as Wal-Mart and smaller stores offer certain advantages when it comes to clearance sales. The larger ones have greater latitude due to the huge profit margins that they originally have. Smaller stores, on the other hand, give one a chance to negotiate with the prices.

4. Go online. The Internet offers a wide selection of clearance sales for different items including toys. However, it is important to research about any shipping costs entailed in the whole purchase. There might be some sites that offer great deals with low shipping costs.

Sales save money. With these tips, one can surely find these toys clearance sales to be really helpful not only in getting the best toys but also acquiring them at the best prices. It might take a little more effort than the usual, but the great savings are surely going to be worth it all.

Clearance Towel Sales – The Best Time to Buy Towels

The humble towel has found uses in many aspects of our day to day lives – from the bath sheets that we use to dry ourselves after a relaxing shower to tea towels that we use to cover hot dishes in the kitchen and everything in between; the towel has played a silent, yet crucial role, as an accessory of the household. The first towel dates back to Turkey – a place still famous for them – and since then, its utility has gained it widespread acceptance not just in households but in several businesses as well. Hotels, restaurants, salons, spas and bath houses have all used towels in one application or another. For example, hotels have provided bath towels to their customers in bedrooms as part of the service, while tea towels, have been placed on dining tables in both hotels and restaurants so that customers have an elegant way of cleaning their hands and wiping accidental stains from their clothes. Bath sheets have been a customary part of the service in bath houses and spas, as have been salon towels in beauty salons. These days, tea towels have become popular as makeshift gift wrappers that lend a touch of personality to the gift and also as general pieces of decor in kitchens and dining rooms. The nature of the uses of these towels have meant that they need to be regularly maintained since replacing them periodically isn’t possible at the retail prices they are usually bought at.

Therefore clearance towels have become widely popular among the consumers on a budget – these are towels that are sold at very low rates by dealers in order to make room for new stock.

Clearance sales on bath sheets and tea towels have provided consumers with a way to buy towels at extremely low rates and in quantities large enough to last them the whole season – until the next batch of clearance towels comes up. Households and businesses alike have made considerable savings, both direct and indirect, by shopping for towels in this way. These savings are more important for businesses since they can be spent on other aspects in order to improve their overall productivity; furthermore, these clearance towels are cheap enough to be bought in bulk, which has freed these businesses from the obligation of cleaning and conditioning them periodically – they can simply be replaced when they get worn out – this has eliminated another expense associated with towels bought at retail prices.

The best thing about these towels is that they are part of the same original stock, so their quality is no different from the rest. It goes without saying that clearance sales on bath sheets and tea towels have aided many consumers in this recessionary economy.