Can You Make Money With Clearance Stock?

Clearance stock is a common sight on the high streets of the UK Quite often you will see high street stores proclaiming everything must go, or stock reduced to clear. This generally occurs when a company is going out of business, or at the end of a season when stores must make room for new stock and get rid of the old. This is referred to as clearance stock and quite often you can make huge savings as a customer, especially if you know where to look. There can also be money to be made from such scenarios.

There are many retailers who take advantage of this, seizing the opportunity to buy in stock at a reduced clearance rate. A lot of people use resources such as eBay to sell on clearance stock at a later date. In fact, may sales people spend a lot of their time browsing factory outlets or scouring markets for bargains that they can make profit on. Some even make a full time living out of it.

If you intend to sell stuff online it is important to find out just how much you are saving in clearance sales. Do some market research and find out what the real price of the products you intend to buy are. Sometimes stores claim reductions of 50% when the original price is actually highly inflated. Knowing the exact cost, and how much the going rate is elsewhere, will help you make maximum savings. It is also worth research how in demand a product is. Perhaps the product is in surplus supply for a reason, quite simply because nobody wants it. Buying large quantities of product that isn’t going to sell will only lose you money. If you are selling products on eBay then look for tools that analyze market trends to see what kind of products are most likely to attract customers.

Businesses that are closing down are often the best source for buying clearance stock, although you usually have to act quickly. Quite often, sellers will be in a hurry to offload anything they can in order to recoup their losses and may well be keen to bargain. If you can offer to take a substantial amount of their stock off their hands at a reduced price, they might prefer that over potentially getting a bit more from individual buyers. Often time is of the essence.

Some closing companies will also try and sell goods online. It is worth contacting the websites who are advertising them to see about striking any potential deals. Also check the classified sections of local newspapers for companies selling clearance stock. They might be able to help you and you might be able help them.