2 Marketing Strategies For Getting People To Do Business With You

Are you looking for a unique strategy for getting more customers and prospects into your doors, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will take a look some things that will definitely improve your product sales, and to get more new customers into your doors.

For a lot of business owners, marketing just isn’t their cup of tea. They would rather do bungee jumping before embarking on a marketing campaign for their business. Why is this so? Well, the most obvious reason is because they detest marketing. When it comes to marketing, they would rather have someone else do it for them, so that they can be out on the golf course playing a round.

But as a business owner, you need to know how to market your business because without this insight, you will end up struggling in your business – and I know that this is something that you don’t want to happen. So are you ready to turn on your marketing engines? Then great! Let’s take a look at some ways you can get more new customers into your doors.

1) Advertise a seminar

This should be a free seminar. When I used to live in Atlanta, GA, every week there was a free seminar being hosted, showing people how to make money with real estate. I know that their initial sales will come from selling their product that is located at the back of the room, and sales will also come from following up on your prospects that attended the seminar.

This is a great way to get a room full of prospects, turn them into sales, and to follow up on the non-buyers if they don’t purchase your item. Here’s another way to get more new customers into your doors.

2) Use free marketing

There are all kinds of ways to do free marketing in your business. The first way to do so is to run press releases that will get the word out about your business. There’s a program you can use on the internet called Prweb.com that you can use to improve your sales and profits. Also, consider the local media that will help to get your press release for exposure.

Another way to do free marketing is by using the internet. With the internet, you can definitely lower your overall costs of doing business. Inside of your business, have your customers leave their name and email address so that they can subscribe to your email newsletter. Your newsletter should contain valuable information, and should also include coupons that they can redeem in your store.

Your monthly newsletter can either be paid or free, but starting off, you should make it free, just so that you can get a lot of people coming back into your stores.

Both of these tips for making more money in your business can really make your business success. Put them to use today and you will find yourself with a lot of new customers than you have ever seen before.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success in your business as possible.

The Facility Security Clearance – How Defense Contractors Get Clearances

Before a defense contractor can perform on a classified contact, it must be approved for a security clearance. You might familiar with security clearances for people, but defense contractor facilities must also be approved for security clearances called a facility clearance (FCL). Having an FCL doesn’t mean that a particular building is approved for a clearance, but rather the determination is based on the entity. For example, a defense contractor facility may be a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, corporation, university or other recognized establishment. It is the organization itself and not the building that gets the clearance.

A company cannot process itself for a clearance. The clearance is based on a legitimate classified contract from either a government entity or other prime contractor. A company can bid on a classified contract even if it does not possess an FCL. However, it must receive the FCL prior to beginning to work on the classified contract.

When a defense contractor has a legitimate need for a clearance, it is sponsored by the awarding government agency or prime contractor. This sponsorship begins the process of the clearance request. The sponsoring organization notifies Defense Security Services (DSS) who works with the defense contractor to complete the requirements for an FCL. To be eligible for a clearance, the defense contractor facility must first have a good reputation for doing business and be in good standing. DSS will research and evaluate the company. Meanwhile, the candidate company works with DSS to provide four remaining requirements.


A security agreement (DD Form 441) must be signed. This agreement describes the responsibilities that both the contractor and government have to protect classified information. For example, in the security agreement the government agrees to provide security clearances and the contractor agrees to follow the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).


Additionally, the defense contractor has to complete the certificate pertaining to foreign interests. Once the contractor completes the certificate, DSS will have a good indication of whether or not and how much a foreign entity might influence classified contracts. If the contractor falls under foreign ownership control or influence, the amount of influence will have to mitigated.


The defense contractor will also turn in documentation indicating how they are organized (corporation, sole proprietorship, LLC or other formation). DSS will use this information to determine how the contractor is managed and how decisions are made. DSS needs to know this information to determine how decisions concerning classified information are made.


Finally, an FCL is not granted until the required key personnel are granted a security clearance. According to NISPOM, the senior ranking officer in the company and the FSO must be granted security clearances. Other cleared personnel are granted clearances based on the minimum necessary to efficiently meet the needs of the classified contract.

In summary, defense contractors come in all shapes and sizes. The NISPOM provides the minimum requirements a defense contractor must meet to be able to be granted an FCL. Whether the contractor is organized as a single owner/employee, university or large corporation, they must meet all five criteria:

– Have a contractual need and be in good standing
– Sign a Security agreement
– Provide a certificate pertaining to foreign interests
– Be a real company organization in the US or territories
– Key management personnel are granted clearances

Hire a Professional House Clearance Service

House clearance is a difficult, demanding, frequently stressful and often sad business. You do not want to attempt doing it yourself, and you do not want to hire amateurs who cannot quite manage the task as it demands. When you face the daunting, overwhelming challenge of clearing a house, hire a professional house clearance service.

Relieve your grief.

If your need for house clearing comes in the wake of losing a loved one, the process of packing and moving all the home’s precious contents inevitably intensifies your grief. Poignant memories fill every room, and old pictures tell stories too long and bittersweet to recount all at once. Treasured little items inspire feelings too deep for tears. Completing the task brings far more melancholy than closure.

Working according to your priorities, by your schedule, and with respect for your needs and expectations, your professional house clearance service manages the project efficiently and economically. Professionals carefully organize, pack, and move precious family treasures as if they were their own. Moreover, your professional house clearance service is licensed, bonded, and insured, so that you and your family treasures are completely protected against damage or loss. Just as importantly, your house clearing professional will unload and store your items precisely according to your specifications.

Radically reduce your stress.

If your need for house clearance comes in the wake of major job transfer, the business of boxing and storing your possessions needlessly complicates the process of moving on with your life. If the military changes your duty station, or if your global corporation moves you overseas, you have far greater concerns than the contents of your linen closet. Often, you need your household goods carefully packed and securely stored until you return from your assignment. You would just as soon delegate the whole process to an experienced professional, giving it no second thought.

Your house clearance professional completely will manage the project, caring for your possessions with respect and care, safely transporting and storing them according to your wishes. Just as importantly, your house clearance professional can leave your home clean and ready for rental or sublet. You or your agent may enjoy complete confidence in the quality of the work.

Elegantly downsize.

If the time has come to let go of the old family home because the children are grown, raising families of their own, you inevitably feel a mixture of relief, anticipation, and nostalgia. So many years and so many memories crowd every square inch of the fine old house where you learned the subtleties and intricacies of parenting as the kids came of age. Now, however, downsizing has subtleties and intricacies all its own. Your essentials and favourites move with you to your new home; many of the children’s essentials and favourites go into storage, awaiting their readiness to claim them.

As you downsize and streamline your life, simplifying and preparing to move on unburdened by the relentless demands of children and family, a professional house clearance service makes the move efficient and organized. No matter what size your home or how much memorabilia you have collected, your home clearance professional sorts, organizes, transports, and stores or unloads your family’s history with the care and respect it deserves.